Tanya Glendinning is a young, dynamic, professional celebrant who will help you design and deliver a personalised ceremony for any important celebration, tailored to meet your specific needs...
Wedding Ceremonies
Personalised contemporary or traditional wedding ceremonies delivered with sincerity and style, created with your input and delivered anywhere in Australia
Assistance with writing your vows and access to readings, literature and cultural/historical rituals to ensure that your ceremony means the most to you and your family and friends
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Design and delivery of personal ceremonies for all significant events in your life and those of your family and friends
Name Giving, Anniversaries, Coming of Age, Birthdays, Adoption, Housewarming, Major Milestones, Divorce, Retirement and Funerals
Melissa and Paul
... Thank you for being such a wonderful support for us both before and during our beautiful wedding ceremony. When I got out of the car and saw you standing there I thought “everything is going to be okay now”. Everyone commented on what a lovely ceremony it was and we are so glad that we chose you to be our celebrant.
Anne and Brad
...Our wedding was brilliant, especially those individual touches your included which made our wedding day truly one of a kind. You are the best!
Karen and Jeff
...What a great day, who would have thought that bringing all of our family and friends together to honour our first born child would have turned out to be one of the most memorable days in all of our lives?
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...for our son the transition from childhood to adolescence was made more special by celebrating his past, recognising the present and acknowledging his life to come. We are so pleased that you guided us in creating such a wonderful celebration of his life.